Printmaking 2018

Screen Design Submissions Now Open

Festival of the Arts Fun with Printmaking Committee would like to invite artists and students of any age or level to submit designs for the 2018 printmaking booth t-shirts. These designs will be printed on plain t-shirts and will be seen all over Grand Rapids during festival and, hopefully, all year long.

  • Designs must be solid black and white
  • Designs can be submitted using Illustrator or Cornell Draw, or on 8.5x11 white card stock
  • Designs should be a scalable 2:3 ratio
  • Do not make lines smaller than 2 pt
  • You can use any font including your own handwriting or a font designed by you
  • Designs must include festival 2018 or festival of the arts 2018
  • Designs may include Grand Rapids or Grand Rapids, MI

Designs submission deadline is April 1, 2018; email designs to If hand drawn, please mail to Printmaking Booth Committee, c/o Vinecroft Studios, 1614 Vinecroft, Grand Rapids, MI 49544. Hand drawn submission become property of festival of the arts and may not be able to be returned.

All chosen entries will receive a free t-shirt printed with their designs, and any others on hand the day of pick up. Please include your t-shirt size, phone number, and email with each design.

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