50/50 Prints

50/50 Prints

Get your 50/50 Prints

Festival of the Arts hosts a select group of artists to submit prints to sell for $50 for Festival attendees to purchase! This year, we are bringing that opportunity to you early on our website!

Each print is priced at $50.00 each with 50/50 split between artist and Festival of the Arts programming.
Summer at the Farm

2020 Artists

Holly Sturges

As a college student, Holly took her undergrad courses in painting and studied with Rudolf Baranik at City College of New York. She also attended the New York Studio School where she studied with Esteban Vincente. She is a member of the Great Lakes Pastel Society, the Grand Valley Artists, the Glen Arbor Art Association, and the Plein Air Artists of West Michigan. She exhibits at the Treeline Gallery in Sutton’s Bay, MI. She has had solo shows at the Dominican Center/Marywood in Grand Rapids, in Glen Arbor at the Lake Street Studios Center Gallery, and the Merizon Studio in Caledonia, MI and The Terryberry Gallery. Holly loves to paint outside and loves color.

See more of Holly’s work: https://hollysturges.com/

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Beyond Nadir

Abigail Yoo

Abigail is a 2-D mixed media studio artist based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She has been creating abstract paintings and murals for residential and commercial settings for over ten years. As a BFA graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design, Abigail’s use of mixed media is reflective of diverse influences she has encountered as an adoptee from Korea, a student of traditional Western art, and a user of ubiquitous computer technology. Digital cameras and photo editing tools allow her to creatively experiment in our modern age. Abigail often combines traditional art materials, such as paint, with digital imagery in order to retain a sense of tactile authenticity. She uses multiple layers and textural effects to depict ethereal dreamlike settings.

See more of Abigail’s work: https://www.abigailyoo.com/

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Two Birds Kissing

Yolanda Gonzalez

Yolanda Gonzalez is a freelance illustrator inspired daily by nature, popular culture, music, fashion, modern art and children’s artwork. Her simple and often playful illustrations have been seen big and small locally and in national publications, like Real Simple and The New York Times. Her local clients include the Grand Rapids Community Foundation, On-The-Town magazine and Opera Grand Rapids. Yolanda lives in East Grand Rapids with two kids, a dog and a husband.

See more of Yolanda’s work: https://www.yodraws.com/


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Molly Alicki Corriveau

In Molly’s work, people and objects emerge from vast spaces, hinting at a narrative. All of her figures are slightly uninterested in what they are doing and aware that there is life outside their canvas. They look beyond their empty landscapes, over the shoulder of the viewer and begin to move into the world. Currently a Professor at Kendall College of Art and Design, Molly has also taught at Ohio State University and Ferris State University. She has a BFA from Michigan State University and an MFA from California College of the Arts.

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Colleen O’Rourke

Employed with simple tools of the trade, a needle and thread, Colleen takes seed beads beyond their traditional role as adornment, and puts them in the spotlight as a fine art medium. The color palette may be limited, but because the beads are glass, they absorb and reflect light, which creates infinite color possibilities. The process of beading is meditative and intimate which allows Molly to be very present in her work. She not only uses people, thoughts, or moments directly from her life as the narratives in her compositions, she also physically touches each bead that is embroidered onto the canvas. Despite their diminutive size, seed beads can create bold, powerful statements, as well as subtle dreamscapes.

See more of Colleen’s work: https://www.corourke.com/

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Stone Peng

Using backgrounds of white, Stone allows the empty space in his photos to bring the viewer peacefulness and simplicity. The effect are images that are elegant and striking. They view the world around us and bring it to us in a new way. Through photos, Stone tries to express a message of peace, calm, and beautiful scenery surrounding us in our living environment. Stone has been featured in magazines such as Black and White, and has won numerous awards, including the NPR photo competition, the Carnegie Center for the Arts, Festival of the Arts, and the Muskegon Festival of the Arts.

See more of Stone’s work: https://stonepeng.com/

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Sheila Grant

Prior to her life as an artist, Sheila was a social worker. The processing of emotions that is essential to social work led her to art. For Sheila, art is emotions coming into the world in another form for oneself and others. Her medium of choice has changed over time but a consistent theme in all her work is emotional expression, energy and the exploration of mood through color. Sheila is drawn to abstraction in her painting because it omits form and representation, thereby removing our tendency to categorize. Color, texture, and movement take over as the avenue of expression.

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Lily Pads

Dianne Carroll Burdick

Dianne is a Western Michigan University graduate with a BFA in photography. Her clients have included USA Today, Grand Valley State University, the Grand Rapids Art Museum, the Grand Rapids Symphony, the Public Museum of Grand Rapids, Porter Hills, The Salvation Army, United Way, GR Magazine, BLUE magazine, ArtPrize and Opera Grand Rapids. She is a Continuing Studies Instructor at Kendall College of Art and Design where she teaches Photography/ Digital. She has participated in more than 50 art exhibitions and her work is included in six books. She loves to photograph the land and connect to nature.

See more of Dianne’s work: http://diannecarrollphotography.com/

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Lake Michigan

Ken Kolker

Ken Kolker is a long-time journalist, both in print and on TV, who has learned the art of photography from some of the best photojournalists in the business. They’ve taught him that it’s not just about light and lines, but it’s also about the emotion and the story behind the shot. He focuses mostly on the beauty of Michigan — from landscapes to city-scapes, both in color and in black and white. His photographs can be found hanging in homes and business all over West Michigan.

See more of Ken’s work: http://kolkerphotography.net/

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