2020 Diane Casey
Spirit of Festival Award

Diane Casey "Spirit of Festival" Award Nomination

The Diane Casey “Spirit of Festival” Award was established in 2003, in memory of a beloved Festival volunteer. Diane devoted countless hours to Festival..offering time, suggestions and passion for the event. Diane served as CoChair in 1987 and continued to return year after year. Diane embodied what Festival is today-by giving her time and talent, as well as making sure that great ideas came to life and that great life was brought to ideas.

Any person or organization that meets the following guidelines may be nominated for this annual award.

* be a volunteer, performer, artist or organization involved with Festival
* have long time involvement with the organization
*demonstrate energy, enthusiasm and passion for the event
*demonstrate willingness to do whatever it takes to help Festival continue

The award is chosen each year by the Executive Committee of the Board. The receipt is announced Friday evening from Calder Stage.