Regional Arts Exhibition

The Festival 2022 Regional Arts Exhibition took place at several premier galleries in and around  Grand Rapids. Prizes totaling more than $12,000 are awarded to select area artists for their work in the Festival 2022 show.

2022 Regional Arts Exhibition Selected Artists

244 pieces from 155 Artists were shown in multiple shows around our community from June 1 through June 30.

We wish to thank these locations:
– PaLatte Coffee and Art
– Frames Unlimited North and Frames Unlimited South
– The Grand Rapids African American Museum and Archive
– Muse GR
– Grand Valley Artists Gallery

A show of award winners was held at LowellArts August 13.  We also wish to thank them for their participation

The listing of the artists and their works will remain until we start working on the Regional Arts Competition for Festival 2023.

 Thank you for checking out our Exhibition information. 

If you are interested in viewing any of the pieces visit our online gallery.

Regional Arts Artists

NameRAE #Title
Richard Aardsma# 176Film Noir Hotel
Charlotte Ambrose # 350I can FEEL Jazz MUSIC
Mary Andersen # 363Glorious Afternoon
Lynn Anderson # 262Beach Stroll
Lynn Anderson # 263Sunny Day
Lynn Anderson # 264Up And Over
Mark Andrews # 90Navajo Princess
Ralph Annunziata # 17mixSense#2
Ralph Annunziata # 18That Tree
Cindy Awrey # 95Riverview 2
Cindy Awrey # 96Color the riverbank
Cindy Awrey # 97Who’s looking at who?
Mary Bamborough # 74Radiant
Mary Bamborough # 75Soul House
Thomas Bamborough # 394Grand Illusion
Thomas Bamborough # 395Grand Reflection
Russ Barneveld # 214The Fish Ladder
Peg Baumann # 324The Pub
Peg Baumann # 325Brotherhood
Dolores Bellini # 379Peeking through the Trees
Cindy Bender # 163City Reflections
Danielle Benson-Fennell # 155Stamp of Approval
Jerry Berta # 243"The Conversation" How the hell can a person Go to work in the morning Then come home in the evening And have nothing to say? John Prine
Jerry Berta # 244In texas, they fired a teacher for putting rainbow stickers.
Jerry Berta # 245If Picasso Made Tikis
Christina Bidgood # 366Coast of Portugal
Sarah Bidgood # 11"No es justo!" ("It's not fair!" Madrid, Spain)
Terry Bidgood # 7Patagonia Mountains Chile
Terry Bidgood # 8Self-actualization
Annemarie Biernacki # 69"The Day the Music Died"
Annemarie Biernacki # 70Dream of a Footbridge at the Grand River Riverfront Park
Annemarie Biernacki # 71Flood Waters at the Grand River Riverfront Park Pedestrian Bridge
James Bleeker # 386Everyone Loved J.D.
James Bleeker # 388Byron
Anthony Bockheim # 44Hostages
Anthony Bockheim # 46Above the Sink
Mary Bommarito # 137Fall in Love
Mary Bommarito # 138Splash of Salt
Harminder Boparai # 307Dancing Girls
Leonard Bosma # 349Cherry Vase with Single Burl Flower
Cindy Bradford # 192Let Freedom Ring
Cindy Bradford # 193Starry Night Over The Grand
Cj Brander # 356Dreamscape XIV
Jurgen Brat # 112Athlete
Bob Brown # 330Treat Farm - Sleeping Bear Dunes
Bob Brown # 331Sunflowers
Bob Brown # 332Manistee Pier
Kris Brown # 316Rooted
Kris Brown # 317Shelter
Michael Bryant # 107Druid Bell
Michael Bryant # 108Drone Map
Sheryl Budnik # 424Grey Matter
Ella Campbell # 197Deep Seed
Ella Campbell # 198The Gathering
Ronald Campbell # 121Misshaped Madrone Bowl
Ronald Campbell # 122Clean Water Runs Blue
Sarabeth Carr # 308Oregon coast
Dianne Carroll Burdick # 173Keeping Treasures of Time and Place
Dianne Carroll Burdick # 174One Hundred Years
Dianne Carroll Burdick # 175Flight
Kim Carter # 353Longevity
Kim Carter # 354Crossing The Grand
Bill Chardon # 335Lower Canyon #1
Bill Chardon # 336Respect
Diane Charvat # 296Eye Of Horus & Isis
Diane Charvat # 297Into The Woods
Diane Charvat # 298Golden Glow
Patrick Christensen # 55Look What You Done
Cynthia Coleman # 57Glide on The Grand
Laura Corbiani # 249She wanted to belong, but felt there was nowhere to go
Laura Corbiani # 251Contemplation
John Corriveau # 82In the cosmos
John Corriveau # 83Waves
Rosanne Coty # 310Exotic Entanglement I & II
Rosanne Coty # 312Entangle Meant
Anne Crans # 58Forefathers
Anne Crans # 59All-Aboard
Bette DelVecchio # 30Quincunx Prohfahyl
Diane Deremo # 420Autumn Aesthetic
Darrell DeRuiter # 158untitles
John Dimond # 287A Grand View
John Dimond # 288Windy Night
John Dimond # 289Tahquamenon Falls
Lisa Dionne # 140Pears
Lisa Dionne # 142Blue Bridge
Georgia Donovan # 261Water Way
Henry Droski # 200Reap The Whirlwind
Henry Droski # 201Clouded By Fire
Henry Droski # 202Summer Dayz
Damienne Ehlenfeldt # 230Ripples
Damienne Ehlenfeldt # 231Experiments in Connections
Gary Eldridge # 66In Dreams Too
Gary Eldridge # 67Love Letters
Jack Eppinga # 195Inuit Family
Jack Eppinga # 196Woman Carved out of Tulip Poplar
Lori Eslick # 53Fly Fishing the Muskegon
Joe Goeldel # 413The Forest Princess
Sheila Grant # 48Gilded Dream
Karen Hale # 191Stormy
Elaine Hannink # 209Good Trouble
Elaine Hannink # 210Innocence
Diane Haworth # 124Chinese Bowl
Thomas Hegewald # 170All of the Elements, Dead Horse Point
Michele Hielkema-Dietiker # 266Untitled 1
Michele Hielkema-Dietiker # 267Untitled 2
Marilyn Hoeks # 351Meandering stream
Derrick Hollowell # 419Watkins Street
Diane Houle # 376Dreaming with my mind's eye
Rebecca Humes # 222From Trash to Treasure, Formal Gown Made From Grocery Bags
Rebecca Humes # 223Floating Leaf On A Foggy Morning at Riverside Park
Carole Hunnes-Nielsen # 246Follow The Light
Carole Hunnes-Nielsen # 248Let's Celebrate!
William Ingraham # 401Vertical Grand Abstract
Nick Irwin # 134Gift from the Universe
Nick Irwin # 135High Speed
Nick Irwin # 136Sunset Search
James Johnson # 92North Park
James Johnson # 93Trolling Reeds Lake
Mary Clare Johnson # 323Great White Egret
Ann-Marie Jurek # 392Pond Lily
Kathleen Kalinowski # 182Peace Like A River
Kathleen Kalinowski # 184Velvet Evening
David Kerley # 313Crux (Southern Cross)
David Kerley # 314Tequila Sunrise
Don Ketchel # 1Boise River
Don Ketchel # 2Idaho Pasture
Colleen Klesmith # 277Agony
Colleen Klesmith # 278Jigsaw
Edd Kloote # 40Five
Edd Kloote # 41Two Doors
Michael Koole # 284Silver Lake Dunescape 03
Michael Koole # 285Millennium Park - November
Steve Leary # 409Sunny
Hallie LeBlanc # 340The Garden
Robert Lee # 32Bustin' a Move!
Robert Lee # 33Morning at Bogs Hole
Betty-Jane Leeuw # 102Stucco Planter- Granada
Betty-Jane Leeuw # 103Lights -N-Lasers
M. Joy Lemon # 109Shell in Drapery
M. Joy Lemon # 110Drapery Study III
Jamey Limbers # 219Flowered Pot
Laura Lo # 371But It's Hard
Rebecca Luce # 226My Favorite Teapot
Susan Luce # 178Morning Fog
Susan Luce # 179A Night's Work
Nancy MacLachlan # 233Against the Wind
Nancy MacLachlan # 234Chilling at the Crossroads
Taylor Mazer # 412Tower
Cheri McClain-Beatty # 84Thorn Swift Nature Preserve
Cheri McClain-Beatty # 85Mission Point
Cheri McClain-Beatty # 86Petosky Trail
Sheila McGrath # 152River Ice at Sunset
Craig Merchant # 54Departure
Brian Meuser # 100Back Alley
Brian Meuser # 101A Grand View
Sandy Meyer # 80Dessert Plates and Spoons
Sandy Meyer # 81Wild Waterlily
Michael Mitchell # 117Books
Michael Mitchell # 118Sunrise
Kathy Mohl # 150Whispering Waters
Kathy Mohl # 151Golden Willow
Gillian Moore # 322The Struggle for Precious Words
Rusmel Mora Garcia # 257Mother Nature
Rusmel Mora Garcia # 258Infinity Fish
Marjolein Moser # 131Untitled 1
Jill Mulder # 290Morning Sun
Jill Mulder # 291Tulips and Tea Cup
Jill Mulder # 292Forsythia with Blue and White Tea Cup
Stan Myers # 337Eldean's Marina II, Macatawa
Stan Myers # 338Pink Hydrangeas- Saugatuck
Stan Myers # 339Cottage Steps with Sunflowers, Macatawa
Thomas J Newhouse # 161Bean (Cloud Gate)
Thomas J Newhouse # 162Gubbe (Old Man)
Brad Nielsen # 381Chrome Thing
Brad Nielsen # 382Sunny Side Up
Randall Nyhof # 13Traveling Down A Dark Dusty Road
Kelly O'Neill-Dusome # 385Italian Still Life 1
Bonnie Palutke # 329'windows'
George Peebles # 39Lake Michigan shoreline
Jenna Peebles # 34Into The Distance
Stone Peng # 21Explore #1
Stone Peng # 22Dandelion #1
Stone Peng # 23Sailing Alone
Lynn Penning # 293Still Life #1
Lynn Penning # 295Still Life #2
Marcia Perry # 299Rising
Rita Petteys # 333I Set The Other Piece Of Me On Fire
Kristen Pham # 269Starry Night over Grand Rapids
Wayne Pierce # 26Sunkissed 1
Darlene Podpolucki # 76Are we Alone
Darlene Podpolucki # 77Village of Tears
Cari Povenz # 235Eagle Harbor Lighthouse
Cari Povenz # 237Grand Fireworks
Alfield Reeves # 304Take Space
Erin Reinholtz # 302Walk With Me
Mary Reusch # 274Grand River Flooding at Riverside Park, Early Spring
Joshua Risner # 238Neverland
Joshua Risner # 239Grossbeak
Joshua Risner # 240Freyja
Anne Rivers # 427My Little Town
Corinne Roberts # 24Cosmic Dragon
Corinne Roberts # 25Pink Castle
Lynette Robinson # 190Early Bird
John Rothwell # 125Promontory Point in Chicago
John Rothwell # 126Into the Mystic
Kevin Rowley # 172Tattoo Parlor Wall
Ann G Rusky # 374A Tiny Treasure Rescued Off The Bike Path
Tom Sampson # 416Event Horizon
Bryce Sarber # 362The Barmuda Triangle
Linda Scarborough # 254Paris Rooftops
Steve Scarborough # 167In Shadow
Conni Schaftenaar # 130Down Memory Lane into a Recycled Garden
Matthew Schenk # 389Nos Punk
Matthew Schenk # 390Mictlantecuhtl - Imperialism Killed the Old Gods
Matthew Schenk # 391Travis Gets It
Barbara Schilling # 115Forever Yellow Skies
Barbara Schilling # 116Snow Shadows
Douglas Schwentor # 72Window to the universe
Rita Shields # 165Along the River
Rita Shields # 166Vessel of Containment
Damon Shuck # 99Still Life In Motion: Strawberry
Carolyn Sowa # 186Steps in Time
Carolyn Sowa # 187Metamorphosis from Blue
George Spence # 309Tributaries
Jim Starkey # 342To Point Reyes
Jim Starkey # 343San Sebastian de Oest
Christine Stephens-Krieger # 203"Photons Don't Shine While Traveling in Spacetime Wave"
Lynn Strough # 106Peace Cairn
Mary Sundstrom # 281Early Spring Grand River
James Sutherlin # 220Tapioca
Joanne Swann # 270Temptation
Ricardo Tavarez # 345Break Into Light
Mike Taylor # 87Tower vase
Mike Taylor # 88Ceramic Basket
Janet Teunis # 410Flagship
Barbara Thorne # 147Fishing on the Grand
Holly Uecker-Herman # 417Pandemic Landscape/ Masked Up
Ruth VanderMeulen # 252Parks and Recreation 2
Rick Veldman # 49Winter Sunrise on the Grand River
Rick Veldman # 50Crescent Moon and Venus Over Grand Haven Outer Lighthouse
Irene Wordhouse # 181End of the Day
Bonnie Wright # 52Fairy Landing Pad #22
Tony Wright # 384Mystic River
Sabina Zakirova # 372corner table
Saturday - 6:30 p.m. - Calder Stage

Grand River Arts Awards

The Grand River Arts Awards were created to celebrate the wonderful heritage of our one-of-a-kind city.

Just over 50 years ago, Alexander Calder used the beauty and power of our “grand rapids” in his magnificent gift, La Grande Vitesse (The Great Swiftness, an allusion to the Grand River). His stabile, which we now know as “the Calder”, ultimately became the symbol of Grand Rapids.

Our Grand River has always served as a muse and inspiration for all artists.

The Grand River Awards honor the work of 15 area artists, and are underwritten by Warner Norcross & Judd, along with other anonymous donors.

Joshua Risner

Christina Marie Bivins Memorial Award

Each year the Christina Marie Bivins Memorial Award is given to an artist who has shown dedication to their art and to the Festival Regional Arts Competition and Exhibition. It is not given for a piece that was entered, but to the artist.

The Festival 2020 recipient was to Joshua Risner. You can view his work at

Announcing Festival 2022 Jurors

Milt Klingensmith

Illustration, Graphic Novels, Comic Books, and Anime
Milt Klingensmith has been a painter, illustrator, graphic novel artist and animator, working both in-house and freelance since ’92. His illustrations have appeared in American Illustration, The Society of Illustrators L.A. and Communication Arts. He has also taught illustration and animation at Grand Valley State University and Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, Mi.

Maggie Bandstra

3D and Multi-media

Maggie Bandstra is a multidisciplinary artist and art educator. She is currently teaching in the Art Department at Hope College. Her work plays with ideas surrounding nature and the human connection. Maggie is a founding member of the Lakeshore Visual Arts Collective and has curated many of their shows and events. Maggie completed her MFA in painting from Savannah College of Art and Design in the spring of 2021.

George A. Bayard III

2-D including Painting, Drawing, and Prints

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of GRAAMA, The Grand Rapids African American Museum, and Archives.

George A. Bayard III started Bayard Art Consulting in 1989. That business evolved into Bayard Gallery of Fine African American Art & Books which also fed our urge to collect items of Black history.

George has owned West Michigan’s oldest gallery devoted to artists of color for 30 years. An Art Education BA from the University of Delaware, George became regional manager of Philadelphia’s largest picture frame chain before moving to Michigan.

Bayard Gallery hosted Kwanzaa, Juneteenth, Underground Rail Roadshow, Authors Day, Soul of the City Festival, 100’s of exhibits, lectures, and book signings.

Currently, George is the founder and Executive Director of GRAAMA, the Grand Rapids African American Museum and Archives. This 5-year journey has culminated with Grand Rapids only museum devoted to Black history, culture, education, and community. GRAAMA is winner of the 2018 ArtPrize Outstanding Venue award and an AASLH magazine cover for the Grandma’s Voices Oral History Project.

George is a professional picture framer, conservator, appraiser, artist, lecturer, collector, historian, Black culture expert, filmmaker, writer, and arts advocate. He is the 2019 winner of the Albert Baxter Award for Local History and the Carol and David Van Andel Leadership Award 2020 and the Grand Rapid Business Journal 200 Most Powerful People Award 2019,- 2022

Sam Brower


Having grown up in rural West Michigan, I have become an avid nature photographer and outdoor enthusiast. Our connection to the land through building and farming has fascinated me and influenced my growth as an artist and continues to do so today. My medium of choice is film with a digital output. This allows me to appreciate the art in a tactile way, as well as in the digital landscape that is all around us today.

In 2011, I helped to form the West Michigan Photo Collective, which I currently continue to direct. We are a group of photo artists with the shared passion of discourse, art, and ideas that all benefit each other and our community. The Collective has produced many shows in the West Michigan area, and we continue to meet and encourage growth in one another.

2021 Regional Arts Award Winners

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Jamey Limbers
From Kent County

Title: Untitled
Medium: Ceramic
Dimensions: 9″x5″

Description: Pit-Fire Ceramic Vessel

Price: $125

Category: 3-D
RAC #: 314

Out of Stock
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Kendra Postma
From Kent County

Title: Dreaming
Medium: Watercolor with collage, acrylic, photo copied images and hand painted papers.
Dimensions: 16×20

Description: Watercolor with collage, acrylic, photo copied images and hand painted papers.

Price: $400

Category: 3-D
RAC #: 66

Out of Stock
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Darrell DeRuiter
From Newaygo County

Title: Untitled
Medium: Turned and carved mahogany
Dimensions: 20 5 diameter x 1.75 depth


Price: $1,895

Category: 3-D
RAC #: 198

Out of Stock
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Blue Bridge

Missy Morrow
From Muskegon County

Title: Blue Bridge
Medium: Acrylic
Dimensions: 48x48x1.5


Price: $2,800

Category: 2-D
RAC #: 449

Out of Stock
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Context: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

Laurel Geis
From Muskegon County

Title: Context: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral
Medium: Acrylic, silkscreen and transfer, rust on panel
Dimensions: 16 x 20

Description: Acrylic paint, with acrylic transfer of architectural elements, silkscreen of scientific key, rust on bottom and edges, on wood panel

Price: $495

Category: 2-D
RAC #: 444

Out of Stock
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The Three Sisters (Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos)

Claire Gill
From Kent County

Title: The Three Sisters (Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos)
Medium: Ceramic
Dimensions: left to right: 11″ x 8″ – 11″ x 9″ – 10″ x 7″ when displayed side by side they are about 26″ wide


Price: $800

Category: 3-D
RAC #: 441

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