Regional Arts Exhibition

Regional Arts Exhibition

Applications for the 2020 Festival of the Arts will open February 1st!

Festival of the Arts continues the valued tradition of offering a juried exhibition for the community comprised of entries from: Allegan, Barry, Ionia, Kent, Montcalm, Muskegon, Newaygo, and Ottawa counties. 

In honor of this being the 50th Festival, there will be three opportunities for Artists to enter works in Festival 2019 Competitions. You may enter one, two, or all three Competitions. Separate entry forms are linked or you may bring your works to the former GR Water Office Building during the hours and dates of drop off and volunteers will get you registered then.

This year we are excited to have nearly 400 art pieces on exhibit! 

Regional Arts Show Artists

FirstNameLast NameI.D. #TitleSelling Price
RichardAardsma40Colorized Theatre600
WietzeAdema98The Bicycler2500
WietzeAdema100Utrecht Stop Light1500
MollyAlicki Corriveau299The Wood Remembers1200
MollyAlicki Corriveau300Sacred Is Subjective1200
MollyAlicki Corriveau301No Longer A Golden Door1300
JohnAndersen46Summer Sky ’18400
MaryAndersen458Sandbar, East Grand Traverse Bay1175
JohnAndersen45Twilight ’19800
MaryAndersen459Shoreline Path no. 62200
MarkAndrews151Goose in Ireland150
MarkAndrews152Isle of Sky Scotland175
CindyAwrey127Time to paint!400
LauryBaker502All It Takes450
AlixBartnick17Rebirth in Ottawa County750
DiannBartnick Borton546Waldon’s Pond350
DiannBartnick Borton547Into the Woods450
DiannBartnick Borton548This is My Story450
HollyBechiri217“painting eight”375
HollyBechiri218“painting nine”375
HollyBechiri219“painting ten”375
KathleenBechtel188After The Storm1200
KathleenBechtel189Thunder In The Distance1200
TedBergin203The Printer500
TedBergin204Sunset in the Mohave Desert500
TedBergin205Tree in Rocks300
DavidBesteman556Triptych #7480
TerryBidgood533Frozen (Grand Haven, MI)250
TerryBidgood531Lava Fields of Eldhraun, Iceland500
TerryBidgood532Lighting the Way (Salvador, Brazil)400
JamesBleeker382Lost in Thought295
LarryBlovits358Dead River Tributary2500
LarryBlovits359Let there be Light1500
MaryBommarito163Isle of Pines550
MaryBommarito164Urban Forest500
HarminderBoparai468Dancing couple700
DeborahBowen441Spring Break1100
JürgenBrat48Omega Vase90
DougBrinks23Time to Unwind300
DougBrinks24Aspen OddityNFS
RichardBrinn201The Arts: Music1400
RichardBrinn202Maine Hillside1200
NicholasBromley494Moon and Stars Shine Bright Over Grand Haven150
NicholasBromley495Grand Haven Pier – Sentinel in the Dark110
SamBrower315Morning Light350
KrisBrown434Winter Fog at Riverside Park165
KrisBrown436Misty Morn in the Woods165
SherylBudnik213Scars of the Sea 32225
EricBurke80Ghoul Portrait750
EricBurke82Sandstone Waves600
NonaBushman207Montana SkyNFS
NonaBushman208Animal PrintNFS
NonaBushman209Heavy Metal MothNFS
MichelleCalkins449After the Sunset – Teal Sky495
KeithCallis221“This could be the start of something big”160
RonaldCampbell414“Ancient Scottish Stones “500
PauletteCarr74Giverny In Fall400
EvieCarrier104Flat Iron Building Grand Rapids250
DianneCarroll Burdick232Blue Heron over Lily Pads600
DianneCarroll Burdick233Blossom Bowls500
DianneCarroll Burdick234Sunlight Sleeps400
kimcarter334bronze bathed in light350
KimCarter333spring blooms250
BillChardon447Mom’s Hands525
BillChardon446Wall of Expression475
BillChardon448Spring Rain475
DianeCharvat477Vintage Fire Truck145
DianeCharvat479Rusty Caddy145
KristiChitphaiboon297Zap That Thirst80
HaileyCiesluk242Synesthesia pt. 1200
PatriciaConstantine463Invisible WomanNFS
JohnCorriveau310Peaceful water425
JohnCorriveau308Homage to DaVinciNFS
RosanneCoty432She’s a Puzzle Too2400
RosanneCoty433A Piece of the Puzzle125
Anne TCrans51Rest for Loose Moose165
Anne TCrans53Resolve210
DamonCrawford267Birthing PodNFS
ElaineDalcher259Teatime with Gerber Dasies3000
ElaineDalcher260Etude in Yellow VII: Lilies2900
ElaineDalcher261Autumn at Pigeon Creek1800
TroyceDenboer510Indian warriorNFS
PeggyDePersia154Rock Steady250
PeggyDePersia155Rock and a Hard Place Reprise250
PeggyDePersia156V = pi radius 2h250
DarrellDeRuiter118Turned walnut bowl895
RonDibble231Unearthed BeautyNFS
AllaDickson123Grand Rapids Light1700
AllaDickson124On Approach1100
JohnDimond115Grand River View185
JohnDimond116Windy Night145
LisaDionne407As Clouds Go By400
LisaDionne408Melt Away280
GeorgiaDonovan249Mist-ified Morning850
GeorgiaDonovan248Magic CarpetNFS
ChristiDreese284Hemlock Crossings2500
ChristiDreese285Be Honest, Be Nice, Be a Flower, Not a Weed.800
HenryDroski42SANDS of TIME400
HenryDroski43ON THE ROAD450
ChrisDudley539Los Ojos de Perrito1500
ScottEaton506Beyond the red flagsNFS
DaniEhlenfeldt320Monarch Garden300
RoseEllis61Enchanted Forest 22700
ROSEELLIS60Floating Upriver2700
SusanEllison67Along the TrailNFS
RonFellin222Lime Light650
TimFoley275Shot and a Beer700
TimFoley276Life of the Party700
TimFoley277The Water’s Fine400
KathleenFord507All cats answer to KITTY125
KathleenFord508Fading to Emerge Once More175
KathleenFord509Where have you been?!225
Lee AnnFrame481Hike300
Lee AnnFrame482Red River1000
Lee AnnFrame483Into the Silence800
EraliGarcia294Portrait of a Blind Girl400
KimberlyGill385Wall of Thorns735
HanaGirdvainis-Sawyer250A Place for thought”NFS
JoeGoeldel214What I Couldn’t Tell Her300
JoeGoeldel215Good Morning125
JoeGoeldel216With Apologies to John Singer Sargent…550
JeffGrill197Island Emergence300
BarbaraGroat241How Koi am I?250
DonnaGroot185Dalia de Mexico400
Shirley JHaan14Ray of HopeNFS
Shirley JHaan15A Winter Evening StillnessNFS
Shirley JHaan16Ernest Hemingway’s Boyhood Trout StreamNFS
TatsukiHakoyama290Solitary Masquerade2500
TatsukiHakoyama291Kono Yubi Tomare400
KarenHale411You Might as Well Smile450
ElaineHannink26The Heavens Declare #10900
MaryHarberts475Monet Garden200
MaryHarberts476Beauty of Lake Michigan250
DianeHasso282“Courageous Cliffs”2100
ThomasHegewald374Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye750
ThomasHegewald375Layers, Sound of Raasay750
JaneHiddema220Autumn Allure1200
CaroleHunnes-Nielsen425Sunlit Forest950
CaroleHunnes-Nielsen426Save Our Forests950
BillIngraham302Rusted RPM325
ElizabethIorio327Michigan SummerNFS
NickIrwin160Michigan’s No. 1225 – North Pole Express265
NickIrwin161Fishtown! – Leland, MI635
RobinJensen145Dreaming of Flying225
RobinJensen147Rogue River Jubilation424
JamesJohnson107Drum Solo250
JamesJohnson108Riverside Park325
JamesJohnson109Red Flower with Lemons325
KevinJung63Standing in the Shadow of the Moon600
ScottKacos133Supermoon At -3 Degrees F350
ScottKacos132Merced Melody350
ScottKacos131Secrets Mist350
MadelineKaczmarczyk239Shadow Vase725
KathleenKalinowski278Moonlight Radiance1200
KathleenKalinowski279Gentle Awakening1400
KathleenKalinowski280Blue Bridge2500
JustinKellner554River Parallels (Vermilion Flycatcher)NFS
JustinKellner555Even As It Warms (Chestnut-sided Warbler)NFS
DonKetchel58Stanley, Back On The West Side300
AlyssaKhalifa177Confidently LostNFS
RobertKinney387too soon…2500
DougKlemm418Sheep at Abergavenny3600
DougKlemm419Hay-on-Wye Vista3600
MiltKlingensmith314Heidi and her world famous, tiny feet3000
EddKloote5Desk Lamp150
EddKloote4After the Bath425
MichaelKoole443Iris in Breeze200
MichaelKoole445South Haven Light320
TonyKroes534From Leelanau Peninsula 2950
TonyKroes535From Leelanau Peninsula 3950
CharlesLaRue142Going His Own Way800
CharlesLaRue143Bayside Gathering775
CharlesLaRue144Sunlight On the Trail600
CarolLaurn271“If I knew then what I know now……………”300
RobertLee191Indigenous Peoples’ Origin Story485
RaimeLee Cronkhite287It Was YouNFS
RaimeLee Cronkhite288London Town3750
LauraLo325In Bed with a Palm Biter540
SueLockwood347Evergreen scene350
SueLockwood348Near Pettis Ave325
LeonLou451Last Tulips400
NancyMacLachlan120Above the Fray495
NancyMacLachlan122High Summer in the Wetlands420
JudyMaggini1Still Life with Horn1200
TonyMartolock340Permanence, Flow And Surfactants875
Sri SoekarmoenMcCarthy29Dipsy Doos1000
CheriMcClain-Beatty390Rosy Mound Nature Area625
CatherineMcClung369Peace is the Beauty2100
CatherineMcClung371Spirit of Peace1700
BrianMeuser254The Cross400
MichaelMitchell31Sunrise Driftwood Beach400
MichaelMitchell32Water Wheel Governor400
MichaelMitchell33Peeling Paint Abstract400
KathyMohl134Against the Sky3000
GillianMoore373Wabbit ( Articulation Disorder)1500
MissyMorrow530Made in Michigan (1967 Ford Mustang)4600
DavidMullen226She would ignore him for days, he began to fade away.1400
Thomas JNewhouse130Reflections 74000
BrianNewton461Basket Illusion Vase1250
BrianNewton461Basket Illusion Vase1250
BrianNewton462Pieces of Paradise150
BenjaminNguyen101Floral Shirt, Denim Skirt, and Red High-Tops50
BenjaminNguyen102Indigo Fighters25
JovonnahNicholson266Bat JarNFS
StacyNiedzwiecki512Hurricane Beach1195
StacyNiedzwiecki512Hurricane Beach1195
StacyNiedzwiecki513Ocqueoc Falls350
StacyNiedzwiecki514Whites Bridge (Gone… but not Forgotten)250
Dennis (Brad)Nielsen422Reaching Out100
BenjaminNyhof515Cassiopeia Malfoy in the Hogwarts LibraryNFS
BenjaminNyhof516Carlo Lupin Soothes the Whomping WillowNFS
BenjaminNyhof517Poison Claw, Son of Tom Riddle, in the Chamber of SecretsNFS
BetsyO’Neill236Birch Trail475
ColleenO’Rourke427When the Twilight Shadows400
ColleenO’Rourke428Stella’s Starlit Magnolias1400
ChristineOlson551Coming Together450
SarahOuellette243Beer City800
SarahOuellette244All of UsNFS
RuthParbel351Let the Records Show300
LaraParent456TULSI LEMON BALM300
JanicePaulson68EMERALD WAVES GEM I1200
JanicePaulson69Emerald Waves Gem II1200
JanicePaulson70Emerald Waves Gem III1200
AlysaPeebles90My Fathers Field225
GeorgePeebles92County Land2200
AlysaPeebles91First Snowfall185
Stonepeng486My Shadow450
Stonepeng487Tree Top450
StonePeng488Black and White – Mystery450
StonePeng490I love “The American Horse”-2200
AlisaPhillips558The Standard300
AlisaPhillips559Expiring Prohibition180
KendraPostma363Fun House – Pink House II800
KendraPostma364This isn’t your kids spirograph800
KendraPostma365Ripples of Time350
JoePovenz336Colors of the West275
CariPovenz343Nature’s Abstract275
CariPovenz344American Graffiti300
CariPovenz345Grand Rapids is a Blast!350
CariPovenz342Roger B. Chaffee150
MatthewPrentice137Green Sun900
TamaraRiggs527Red Barn480
RichardRoane376West Side Road, Beaver Island400
CorinneRoberts170Out and About – The Next Adventure (Page 8)NFS
DustinRogers538Ripley Point, Downeast, Coast200
DustinRogers537McClellan, Sea Smoke400
KevinRowley38On A PlatterNFS
ThomasRumsey355Holes IINFS
ThomasRumsey356Natural Edge Bowl450
PattiSalka303Sunday Morning Stampede400
PattiSalka305Purple Rooster200
TomSampson179Event Horizon II450
GeneSampson518Red Tulips on Lace Doily450
TomSampson180Torri Gate II350
GeneSampson519Three Pears on Doily450
JacquelineSarach524Michigan Harvest1500
JacquelineSarach525Nine Patch Feathers375
LindaScarborough157Grande Roue, Paris225
StevenScarborough167Twisted Tree at the Grand Canyon600
StevenScarborough168In Sync250
LindaScarborough159Never Forgotten, Pebble Beach, CA225
ConniSchaftenaar18Hydrangea or Butterflies? You Decide!350
ConniSchaftenaar19Nature After Mr. Monk’s Heart – Yellow Iris250
MatthewSchenk247WarVulture Declassified350
BarbaraSchilling77Evening Calm1200
BarbaraSchilling78Blue Impressions900
MartinSchnur66Our Reef in Wood850
DouglasSchwentor399Where am I?1500
PattiSevensma265Ribbons of Light II475
PattiSevensma262Abraham Lincoln195
DebraShaffer268River Flow I, ll, lll625
DebraShaffer269Water is Life550
RitaShields148Hanging around130
RitaShields150Mack Decided he’d taken enough and he did a plain little thing- He burped!350
DavidSkidmore176The ErrandNFS
SharonSnoeyink112America’s Beauty400
SharonSnoeyink113Orange Crush400
MonicaStegeman96Looking Glass Rewired – Mother400
MaryStek321first catchNFS
MaryStek322dawn treader275
MaryStek323fred’s fish200
JustinStubleski504Night Light – Mears, MI325
JustinStubleski505Lake Shore Dr. – Chicago, IL325
TrinitySunderlin199Self CareNFS
PhillipSwinehart397Miro meets Mondrian175
PhillipSwinehart398The Enlightenment of Paul Klee95
CynthiaTennant366Hissard the Wizard175
BarbaraThorne361Whistling Duck on Watch700
BarbaraThorne362New Birth into a Wild World500
JaneTobie354Fraternal Twins200
JaneTobie353secret city100
ElaineTolsma Harlow415Rainmaker500
ElaineTolsma Harlow416Refuge150
LaurenTripp472Ocean Life350
AnnTrowbridge110Cannas and Phlox310
RuthVanderMeulen7Ram Tough450
RuthVanderMeulen8The Polka Dot Dress475
RuthVanderMeulen9Wash Day275
VictoriaVeenstra474I Remember When…689
LeslieVictor182Sleeping Beauty395
LeslieVictor183Tree Line255
KennVidro71“What’s That Sound?”275
KellyWalkotten141Point Loma Lighthouse300
KellyWalkotten139Hanging To Dry275
NikkiWall257Ode to Nina Simone3000
Amanda & RoryWebb379The Ascendants Volume 120
Amanda & RoryWebb380The Ascendants Volume 220
AmyWilkinson560Oh, deer me!2800
AmyWilkinson562February Foxes890
LisaWillis128Transformed by His Glory250
GerardWood491Washed FragmentsNFS
GeraldWorden281Shaman’s Canvas250
IreneWordhouse429Salt Marsh250
IreneWordhouse430Open Door225
SaraYoungman12Happily Ever After150
SaraYoungman13Don’t y’all just love the weekends?125

First NameLast NameIDTitlePriceSales Price
StonePeng490I love “The American Horse”-2$200NFS
DonKetchel58Stanley, Back On The West Side$300NFS
CariPovenz342Roger B. Chaffee$150NFS
PattiSevensma262Abraham Lincoln$195NFS
Anne TCrans53Resolve$210NFS
KeithCallis221“This could be the start of something big”$160NFS
JohnCorriveau308Homage to DaVinciNFSNFS
kimcarter334bronze bathed in light$350250

First NameLast NameIDTitlePrice
TroyceDenboer510Indian warriorNFS
KristiChitphaiboon297Zap That Thirst$80
BenjaminNguyen101Floral Shirt, Denim Skirt, and Red High-Tops$50
BenjaminNguyen102Indigo Fighters$25
KennVidro71“What’s That Sound?”$275
CorinneRoberts170Out and About – The Next Adventure (Page 8)NFS
Amanda & RoryWebb379The Ascendants Volume 1$20
Amanda & RoryWebb380The Ascendants Volume 2$20
BenjaminNyhof515Cassiopeia Malfoy in the Hogwarts LibraryNFS
BenjaminNyhof516Carlo Lupin Soothes the Whomping WillowNFS
BenjaminNyhof517Poison Claw, Son of Tom Riddle, in the Chamber of SecretsNFS
RobinJensen145Dreaming of Flying$225

2019 Regional Arts Competition Jurors

Mary Reusch

Juror for Painting, Drawing, and Prints

Mary’s art career began 40 years ago when she graduated from Grand Valley State University with a degree in commercial art.  After working for various corporations and ad agencies, Mary returned to school at Aquinas College in 1996 to obtain a fine arts degree.  In 1997 Mary was recommended for an internship at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, where she worked with the Curatorial Department. After graduating with her BFA, she was asked to join the group as the assistant registrar.  For a few years, Mary worked at the art museum and painted in her studio.  In 2001 she chose to work primarily as a studio artist, showing her work in various galleries in Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, and Glen Arbor as well as South Bend, Indiana, and Chicago, Illinois. Mary has placed work in juried art competitions and participated in an artist-in-residency program.

In 2013 Mary returned to the Grand Rapids Art Museum, where she worked as the Interim Registrar for nearly a year and a half, interacting with the staff, and overseeing the collection, and gaining insight into the public art arena.  Mary then continued to paint for exhibitions in the Grand Rapids area, as well as participate in ArtPrize.  To expand her understanding and love of art, Mary has traveled to Paris, London, Amsterdam, Ghent, Bruges, Edinburgh, Dublin, Vienna, Reykjavik, Rio de Janeiro, Kyoto, and Seoul, visiting cultural centers and art museums. Mary’s work is included in private and public collections, including Spectrum Health, Lacks Cancer Center, St. Joseph Mercy Care Center, Grand Valley State University, Kent County Public Art, Aquinas College, The Grand Rapids Art Museum, and Michigan State University’s Public Art on Campus.


Kevin Buist

Juror for 3-Dimensional and Multi-Media works

Kevin Buist is a writer, curator, critic and Artistic Director of ArtPrize, where he oversees artists, operations, and design. He holds an MA in Visual and Critical Studies from Kendall College of Art and Design. He writes and speaks on behalf of ArtPrize to arts-focused audiences around the country, and co-hosts ArtPrize panel programming for live audiences, web video, and live TV. His independent writing has been featured in numerous print and online publications including the Art:21 Blog, where he was a Blogger in Residence, as well as, Michigan Quarterly Review, and


Matt Schenk

Juror for Comic/Graphic Novel/Anime

Matthew Schenk is an educator, illustrator and fine artist. He is the chair of Illustration and Medical Illustration at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He has been working professionally since 1992, with a broad history of experience including: coloring books, album covers, medical illustrations and odds in ends. He has worked for diverse clients such as First Second Books, Chiropractic Monthly, Sony Columbia Tri-Star Children’s Entertainment and Sony Animation in Los Angeles, California. His time in animation was spent on many productions including the animated versions of Jackie Chan Adventures, Eight Crazy Nights, Men in Black, Jumanji and others in many different roles.

In addition to his illustration work, Matthew works as a fine artist and regularly exhibits his own work.


Ron Platt

Juror for Best in Show

Ron Platt is Chief Curator at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, where he plans and organizes the Museum’s program of changing exhibitions and leads the presentation and growth of GRAM’s permanent collection.  Throughout his career as a curator, Ron has organized numerous thematic and solo artist exhibitions. His recent exhibitions include Oswaldo Vigas: Transformations, which surveys the Venezuelan modernist’s career with paintings and drawings that emphasize the transformative impulses that drove his creativity; Monir Farmanfarmaian: Mirror Variations comprises large-scale sculptural reliefs of cut mirror mosaic and reverse-glass painting that demonstrate the artist’s interest in the serial progression of rectilinear forms, and Dylan Miner: Water is Sacred//Trees are Relatives. Forthcoming is a two-person exhibition pairing the work of Dawoud Bey and Carrie Mae Weems, which premieres at GRAM in 2021 and then travels to other select museums.

Randy Nyhof

Juror for Photography

I have been involved in photography for over 50 years. I am self-taught as regards to the mechanics of photography. The ascetic values I learned from my art experience and looking at what was considered good photography. My approach to fine art photography to a great extent has been influenced by my education in college, majoring in studio art. I have been influenced by many artists and photographers too numerous to mention. At first, I used 35mm & medium format film cameras, but now all my images are captured with various digital cameras. I owned and operated a photography business for over 40 years engaging in wedding photography, senior portraits, family portraits, underclass school day portraits, and commercial product photography. Lately, I have become more involved in producing photographic fine art images. In addition to participating in local art shows and competitions within the last 20 years, I have had images published in Popular Photography Magazine, Canada’s PhotoLife Magazine, B&W Magazine, Focus Magazine, Austria’s Trierenberg Super Circuit Publications, Photographer’s Forum Best of Photography Annuals, Black River Calendar Publishing and local publications. I have also licensed a few photographs for several book covers and even a background screen for a British Rock Group. Recently I have licensed a number of my images to be sold on products at the Hobby Lobby Stores. Now in my   retirement I keep busy with steady fine art photography online sales in several shop sites and am involved in local art & photography organizations, most notably with Grand Valley Artists.

Nyhof Gallery Shows and Exhibits

Quicksand Gallery – Grand Rapids, MI

PhotoPlace Gallery – Middlebury, VT 

Lowell Arts Gallery – Lowell, MI

Gallery Uptown – Grand Haven, MI

Whitehall Gallery – Montague, MI

Holland Arts Council – Holland, MI

Celebration of the Arts – First United Methodist Church Grand Rapids, MI

Bruce & Mary Leep Art Gallery – Pine Rest Postma Center – Grand Rapids, MI

Wyoming Public Library – Wyoming, MI

Cascade Public Library – Grand Rapids, MI

Marywood Dominican Center – Grand Rapids, MI

Terry Berry Gallery – St. Celia – Grand Rapids, MI

Frauenthal Gallery – Muskegon, MI

ICCF – Grand Rapids, MI

One Trick Pony – Grand Rapids, MI

Bliss & Vinegar – Grand Rapids, MI

Reed’s Lake Art Festival – East Grand Rapids, MI

UICA – Grand Rapids, MI – Juried Show Competition

Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts – Grand Rapids, MI

Colors of Community – Life Stream Church – Allendale, MI

Donna Chase Gallery – Clark Retirement Community – Grand Rapids, MI

First United Methodist Church – Grand Rapids, MI

Calvin Christian Reformed Church – Grand Rapids, MI

Fuller Avenue Christian Reformed Church – Grand Rapids, MI

Renewed in Word, Faith & Grace – Catholic Information Center – Grand Rapids, MI

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