Stage Performer Application

Stage Performer Application

Apply to become a 2020 Festival Stage Performer!

Applications have been extended till February 29 to insure all of our past performers and new connections have had a chance to apply!

Festival of the Arts remains committed to offering a wide array of entertainment from the artists that apply to be a part of the event.  We strive to represent every performing art style from rock bands, bluegrass, country, cover bands, jazz, gospel choirs, modern dance, Broadway, ballet, folk music, classical, acoustic and many more.  Some of our past performers include Mustard Plug, JetBeats, Conklin Ceili Band, Grand Rapids Ballet, The Hacky Turtles, Hip Pocket, Holywarheads, Grand Rapids Jazz Orchestra, Trixy Tany, Grand Rapids Youth Symphony, Embellish handbells, West Michigan Gay Men’s Chorus and a whole lot more!

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2020 - Festival Stages

Calder Stage – Original stage for 50 years of Festival. Ideal for large groups and groups that draw a large crowd watching.  Stage flooring is built this year to accommodate the needs of Grand Rapids Ballet’s professional company and Grand Rapids Symphony.  Note that the stage has no cover.  There are proposed LED screens to be placed on the outside of the stage for visuals and occasional live feed.  Vehicle easy load in and out. Stage is open maximum hours.  Audience offers seated chairs and bleachers and has an area for dancing. Opening and closing ceremonies are hosted on this stage.  Size 60 X 40.  Audience capacity 400

Circle Stage – located in Rosa Parks Circle in the center of downtown Grand Rapids.  Stage has some cover and helps project sound forward.  It’s a great family friendly stage for youth performance programming with the seating in a half circle around the stage.  Stage open all hours except opening and closing ceremonies.  Audience offers a dance floor space, and grassy areas and seated chairs.  Circle Stage size is 40 X 60. Vehicle easy load in and out. Audience capacity 400

Kendall Stage – A stage with a new look!  Using the Kendall College of Art and Design mural as a backdrop of the stage, this is a corner stage that has bleacher and limited ground seating.  Stage located this year near adult art activities – Fun with Printmaking and Adult Paint-In.  Stage only open until 8:00 PM on Friday and Saturday and till 6:00 PM on Sunday.  Size 20 X 20.  Vehicle easy load in and out.  Audience capacity – 300

Midtown Stage (new this year!) – located on Lyon Street near the new Downtown Hyatt in the center of downtown Grand Rapids.  Proposed stage is 40 X 40 open air stage.  It’s a great family friendly stage for youth performance programming with ground seating and bleachers.  Stage open all hours.  Vehicle easy load in and out. Audience capacity 400

City “Show-mobile” Stage – located on Fountain Street behind the Blue Cross Blue Shield building.   Programming towards more rock and alternative entertainment, this stage creates great interaction with the viewing crowd.  Close to MadCap that will have a comic art show up during the event so a highly engaging space.  Vehicle easy load in and out.  Size 28 X 14.  Audience capacity 300

GRAM Indoor Classical Stage – Classical performance programming happens inside at Grand Rapids Art Museum. Located within the main theatre space at Grand Rapids Art Museum with scheduled hours that match the GRAM. Programming of this stage is primarily classical music and performance.  Audience capacity 190.

di Suvero Stage – located behind the Federal building. Stage is tented and offers intimate three-side seating for the audience. Offers pedestrian easy load in after parking vehicle.  Programming to be story telling, un-plugged style music, poetry/spoken word, comedy, or theatre stage performance.  Audience capacity 250

POP-UP AMPED UP! – Our Pop-Up stages are located throughout Festival of the Arts allowing for closer connection between the performers and everyone who stops to listen, clap, and cheer.  These stages include sound amplification.

POP-UP UNPLUGGED – Our Pop-Up stages that receive little to no sound amplification because of the style of performance or the location for those listening is better served without electricity.

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