If you missed the 2020 Virtual Arts Festival, check it out here!

Virtual Arts Festival Schedule

BLOCK 1: Welcome10:00am to 10:55am
Opening with chalk, David
MobileGR Video
GR Forward “Together”
Mayor Bliss
Glen Danles SideCar Video10:13 am
Shelley Irwin WGVU message
Silde Show of Sponsors
Warner Norcross + Judd - Courtney Failer message
SideCar/AP Jazz video 10th World
Grand Rapids Youth Symphony's Classical Orchestra - Mozart's Symphony No. 25 in G minor, 1st movement10:20am
Tommy B. and The Verk - Nothing’s Gonna Bring U Down
Grand Rapids Ballet - Virtual Hug for Festival
Grand Rapids Children's Museum Short Activity 1
Music Beer City Saxes - The Stakeout
No Worries, Steve Talaga
BLOCK 2: SCMC & GRCM10:55am to 11:52am
WoodTV Teresa Weakley
Saint Cecilia Music Center SCMC - Cathy Holbrook message
SCMC - History video
Michael Crittenden11:05am
SCMC - School of Music video
SCMC - Poet and Peasant Overture
SCMC - LaGrand Duo
Women’s Choir - Always Keep This Close
Grand Rapids Children's Museum GRCM - Maggie Lancaster message11:35am
GRCM Sock Puppets
Music: Bob Rowe - Higher Ground
GRCM Storytime
Dance: 16:9/Katie Phalen dance choreography “Journey”11:45am
BLOCK 3: Festival and DisArt11:52am to 1:00pm
Sidecar Studios/ARTPEERS - The Great Swiftness
Music: Austhebear - Nobody Said
Music: Elijah Ross - I Would
WoodTV: Rachel Ruiz12:17pm
DisArt: Chris Smit, Jill Vyn message
Quincy’s Blues, Mike Frost & Mike Hyde Duo
DisArt: Elevate Fashion Show
Music: Feeding Grizzlies - Don’t Stop the Beat
DisArt: My Dearest Friends Project
Music: Gianna Stansell - How It Feels
Music - Mannhattan - Costa Mesa
Wood TV: Terri Deboer 12:42pm
Nancy Mulnix Tweddale - Alexander Calder's La Grande Vitesse story
Music: John Mulder - I Can Zoom
GRCM Short Activity 2
BLOCK 4: GRAAMA & GRB1:00pm to 1:35pm
WoodTV - Jordan Carson 2nd Block
Grand Rapids African American Museum and Archives - GRAAMA - George Bayard message
GRAAMA - Brand Video
Grand Rapids Ballet GRB - James Sofranko - Amiss trailer
GRB - James Sofranko and Glen Del Vecchio message
GRB - Wild Sweet Love Wedding March
Music - Grand Rapids Jazz Orchestra1:12pm
Grand Rapids Pride Center - Thomas Pierce message
Music: Sean Miller - By Your Side
Grand Rapids Asian-Pacific Festival - Ace Marasigan message
Music: Drinking Mercury - 3 song Zoom
BLOCK 5: Festival Arts and Music01:35pm to 02:24pm
Music: SideCar/AP - Future Misters
Music: Edye Evans Hyde Trio - It Had to be You
WoodTV - Tom Hillin1:43pm
Festival - Virtual Regional Art Show 1
Music: Tyler Canada - Becoming
Music: Hark Up Music - I Stand Amazed
Festival: Virtual Regional Art Show 2
Music: The Hacky Turtles - Fizz
Music: Steven Scarborough - We’re OK
Festival: Virtual Regional Art Show 3
Music: Act Casual
Performance: Devos Contemporary Ballet2:09pm
Festival: Virtual Regional Art Show 4
Music: The Weatherheads - Shake It
Music: Elise Goldberg
BLOCK 6: Chef Jennifer & GAAAH & Artisan2:24pm to 3:14pm
WoodTV: Matt Kirkwood
Festival: Chef Jennifer
Festival of the Arts - Typewriter 101
Music: Aspen Jacobsen - Little Arms
Festival of the Arts - Fred Bivins Vinecroft Studios Print Press
Festival of the Arts: Turtle Time
Grandville Avenue for Arts and Humanities - GAAH: Esmerelda Welcome2:40pm
Girls Rock Grand Rapids: Camp Slideshow
GAAH: Animation Class Compilation
Music: In the Blues Jazz Ensemble - Emily
GAAH: Staff Read Aloud: Hotdog Massacre
GAAH: Art Slideshow
Music: Greenville Social Distancers - The Trumpets Shall Sound
Festival: Artisan Village3:02pm
Music: Ed Dupas - This Old Heart
Performance: Tess Sinke Choreography excerpt from FLIGHT
BLOCK 7: UICA & WMCAT3:14pm to 4:11pm
Music: The Woofers - Moonlight Bay
Wood TV: Rachel Ruiz
Urban institute for Contemporary Arts - UICA: Miranda’s message
UICA: Heartside Community Meal
Music: Trixy Tang Band - Sunday Cruisin
UICA: Exit Space
Music: Jonathan Moody - Skeleton
UICA: Ballet Mural
West Michigan Center for Arts & Technology - WMCAT: Daniel’s Williams message3:42pm
WMCAT: How Might We…
Hope Network: Jason Madden message
Music: SideCar/AP - Stovepipe
Musical Performance: McClintic School of Highland Dance
WMCAT: Pancakes
Music: Seth Thompson - Redline
WMCAT: Scholastic Awards
Music: Steve Hubbarth: Look Out Your Room
BLOCK 8: GRPM & GCA4:11pm to 4:31pm
WoodTV: Linsey Mukomel
Grand Rapids Public Museum - GRPM: Dale Robertson message
GRPM: The Mighty Wurlitzer
GRPM: Festival Artifacts
GRPM: TOYS? Exhibit
GRPM: Alex Forest Greeting
Girls Choral Academy - GCA - Lori Tennenhouse message4:19pm
GCA - 20th Ann. Video
GCA Final Video
BLOCK 9: Music & ArtPrize4:31pm to 5:32pm
Be Nice - Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan - Christy Buck message
Music: SideCar/AP - Natural Body
Music: Jeremy Hoekstra - Alright Tonight
WoodTV: Emily Linnert4:36pm
Festival: Black and White Photography
Music: Seth Thompson - Where Have You Gone
Music: Lighting Matches - Love in your eyes
ArtPrize: Kevin Buist message4:49pm
ArtPrize: 10 Year Retrospective
Music: SideCar/AP - Emma Lou
ArtPrize: Olalekan Jeyfous Project 1
Music: Nicholas James Thomasma - Moment
ArtPrize: Browder Project 1
Muisic: Jukejoint Handmedowns - Won’t Be Rain
ArtPrize: RLH Project 1
ArtPrize: Hart Project 1
Music: J Oscar and Octoberday - Hot Night
ArtPrize: SiteLab Project 1
BLOCK 10: OGR & ACT5:32pm to 6:16pm
Music: Austhebear - Company
Music: Ned Rouse - The Child was Painting
WoodTV - Jordan Carson5:42pm
Opera Grand Rapids OGR - Spotlight
OGR - Emilee Syrewicze Greeting
OGR - Tribute Gilbert and Sullivan
Steelcase - Adam Weiler message
Music: Wicker Basket - Chapel Perilous
Vintage Parlor Orchestra - Badinaire
Artists Creating Together - ACT - Angela Steele message6:03pm
ACT - Creative Cube
Tumbau Bravo - El Nido
ACT - Impact Video
Medicinal Groove - Works from Home
BLOCK 11: GRAM & FMG&SP6:16pm to 7:12pm
WoodTV - Ellen Bacca
Grand Rapids Art Museum - GRAM - Dana Friis-Hansen message
GRAM - Communication Installation
Music: John Mulder - She Carries Their Hearts
GRAM - Maya Lin Interview
GRAM - Installation
GRAM - DMiner Interview
Music: The Woofers - Application for Your Love
GRAM - Live Artfully
Grand Rapids Youth Symphony - Mahler's Symphony No. 1 in D Major, 3rd Movement6:40pm
Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park - FMG - David Hooker message
Music: Phil Pletcher Music Piano
FMG - Cherry Blossoms
Music: The Weatherheads - Watchin the River Flowin
FGM - Bonsai Activity
BLOCK 12: Theatre07:12 to 07:42
Music: American Hotel System - The Feeling
Grand Rapids Symphony - Mary Tuuk message
Music - Glen Danles - This Old Heart
Wood TV - Casey Jones
Actor’s Theatre - Kyle Greeting
Add Fubble Theatre Mini-Doc
Grand Rapids Civic Theatre - Bruce Tinker message
Music: SideCar/Artpeers - Michael Schaeffer
Ebony Road Players- Edye Evans Hyde message 
Music: Celeste Allison Trio
Circle Theatre - Lynne Brown Tepper Greeting
Circle Theatre - Video 1
Music: Milagro Guerra - Music My Soul
Circle Theatre - Video 2
Music: Will Juggle
Music: Medicinal Groove - Boundary Line by Matt McCalpin
BLOCK 13: Showcase Performance7:42pm to 8:51pm
Dowtown Grand Rapids Inc. - Tim Kelly Message
Be the Bridge Video
Wood TV - Susan Shaw 
City of Grand Rapids - City Manager Mark Washington message
Wood TV - Susan Shaw 
Metro Health University of Michigan - Dr. Peter Hahn message
Honorary Co-chair message - Grand Rapids Symphony
Intro to fanfare
Grand Rapids Symphony brass ensemble - Dukas' Fanfare pour précéder "La Péri"
Wood TV - Brian Sterling
Grand Rapids Ballet - Romeo & Juliet
I Understand - Vonnie Woodrick message
Wood TV - Leon Hendrix
Opera Grand Rapids - Dance in the Annex/ARTPEERS Performance
Kendall College of Art & Design of Ferris State University - Tara McCrackin message
Wood TV - Susan Shaw 3
Glen Danles - Festival of the Arts Volunteer Tribute
Wood TV - Brian Sterling - Ebony Road Players
Ebony Road Players - Anne & Emmet scene
Wood TV - Leon Hendrix - Rawlston Intro
Ralston Bowles
Wood TV - Susan Shaw 
Symphony - performances
Grand Rapids Symphony and Symphony Chorus - “Hallelujah” Chorus from Handel's "Messiah" (GRS virtual premiere April 9, 2020)
Grand Rapids Symphony with pianist Sonia Rhapsody - 18th variation from Rachmaninov's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (GRS virtual premiere May 8, 2020)
Grand Rapids Symphony percussion - "On the Woodpile" by Harry Breuer (GRS premiere during Festival)
Grand Rapids Symphony harp, winds and strings - "Vocalise" from Rachmaninov's 14 Songs, Op. 34, No. 14 (GRS premiere during Festival)
Intro for this video - Grand Rapids Symphony
Festival closing segment: Grand Rapids Symphony - Finale from the 4th movement of Tchaikovksy's Symphony No. 4 in F minor, Op. 36
Marcelo Lehninger- good night message
Wood TV - Susan Shaw - thank you