Volunteer for
Festival of the Arts

Be a part of a 50+ year event created and run by volunteers.  Build long lasting relationships as you work shoulder to shoulder with new found friends to create the next Festival of the Arts.


There are volunteer opportunities for everyone!

Event set up, stages, headquarters, you could even help us plan next years Festival.

Choose from a one-time commitment of a few hours during the event to a few hours a week, or all year round.

Looking for volunteer hours for work or school? We are happy to help with that as well.

If you would like to join our team, please read our handbook and then fill out the registration form below and someone will get back with you very soon!

Who is your “Spirit of Festival”? 

In addition to great volunteer opportunities, we are looking for a volunteer who embodies the Spirit of Festival to win the 2021 Diane Casey “Spirit of Festival” award. If you have someone in mind, please nominate them! 

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